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How to Plan a Green Destination Wedding

The green movement is becoming increasingly prominent in today’s society, and many couples are looking for ways to incorporate eco-friendly elements into their special day. If you’re planning a destination wedding, you can take advantage of all the natural beauty around you while still keeping an eco-friendly ethos. Planning a green destination wedding is a great way to show your commitment to protecting the environment while also having a romantic and memorable celebration. Here, we’ll show you how to plan an eco-friendly destination wedding that is as beautiful and unique as you are.

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Venue

When planning a green destination wedding, one of the most important decisions you can make is to choose an eco-friendly venue. There are many venues that are committed to sustainability and will make sure to minimize their environmental impact. When selecting a venue, look for one that has a LEED certification or a green rating system certification.

Look for venues that are utilizing renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power. Also, make sure that the venue is doing its best to conserve resources, such as water and energy. Ask if they use energy-efficient lighting, if they are recycling, and if they are using eco-friendly cleaning products.

Research Local Businesses

Additionally, try to support any local businesses when booking your wedding vendors. Many local businesses have a mission to be sustainable, and you can make sure you’re supporting them as well. Research local companies that provide wedding services, such as catering, photography, and decorations, that are eco-friendly.

Go Carbon Neutral

Another way to make sure your green destination wedding is truly eco-friendly is to offset the carbon emissions from your wedding activities. Calculate the total amount of carbon emissions that will be generated by your wedding and then look for carbon offset programs to reduce your impact.

Select the Right Vendors

In addition to selecting an eco-friendly venue, selecting the right vendors is key for a green destination wedding. Look for vendors that share the same sustainable values, use organic products, and have a commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

When selecting a caterer, look for one that uses local and organic foods, and try to avoid plastic disposables. Ask vendors if they use recycled materials and products in their services, and look for local vendors who can provide rentals and decorations.

Support Local Charities

Finally, consider supporting a local charity or organization as another way to make your green destination wedding special. You can make donations in lieu of wedding favors, or set up a special donation page to collect donations from your guests. This is a great way to give back and make your wedding memorable.

Minimizing Waste

When planning a green destination wedding, strive to reduce the amount of resources consumed. This includes minimizing the amount of waste created, energy consumption, and water consumption. Choose vendors who have an environmentally-friendly track record and make sure they provide the necessary materials and services while minimizing energy and water use. Consider using recycled or sustainable materials wherever possible, and opt for an eco-friendly venue.

Limiting Waste Production

Reduce the amount of waste your wedding creates by selecting reusable and/or sustainable materials. This includes investing in rental items, such as dishware and linens, over disposable items. If you must use disposable items, seek out products that are compostable. Additionally, consider digital wedding invitations and programs to reduce paper waste.

Sourcing Locally-Grown Food

One of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact is to source food locally. Seek out caterers that use locally-grown, seasonal ingredients as well as organic produce. Additionally, restricting the menu, such as serving a single main course instead of an array of dishes, can help limit the amount of food waste generated.

Choosing Renewable Energy Sources

Opting to use renewable energy sources to power your green destination wedding is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Look for a venue that has photovoltaic or wind-powered energy production capabilities. Also, look for vendors that source their electricity from renewable sources.

Investing in Recycling Programs

Finally, consider investing in local recycling programs and education initiatives. Working with a local non-profit or community business can help to create a more lasting impact in the area. Additionally, you can help your guests become more aware of green and sustainable practices by providing useful tips and information at each wedding station.

Decorating with a Green Focus

Planning a green destination wedding is a great way to show your commitment to creating a sustainable and eco-friendly event. Whether you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint or simply want to reduce waste and pollution, there are a few simple steps you can take to make your wedding day as eco-friendly as possible. Here are some tips for how to plan a green destination wedding:

Choose a Venue That Supports Sustainability

When selecting a location for your ceremony and reception, look for venues that are already dedicated to sustainable practices. Consider venues that are powered by renewable energy sources like solar or wind, and those that use locally grown and organic food. You may also want to look for venues that are located in areas that have committed to sustainable tourism initiatives.

Think Reusable and Recyclable Decorations

When it comes to decorations, opt for reusable and recyclable items whenever possible. For example, use tablecloths, cloth napkins and reusable utensils to minimize waste. Decorate with plants or flowers that are native to the region, or use reclaimed and repurposed materials to create unique decorations.

Choose Greener Transportation

When your guests are traveling to the destination, encourage them to use public transportation or carpooling. If necessary, arrange for eco-friendly shuttles or buses to transport your wedding party from the airport to the wedding venue.

Choose Eco-Friendly Suppliers

Look for eco-friendly suppliers who use sustainable and local resources for their products and services. Look for vendors who use organic, non-toxic materials and those who offer green options for your wedding cake, stationery and other supplies.

Choose Eco-Friendly Favors

Show your appreciation to your guests with eco-friendly favors. Instead of giving out plastic trinkets, give out seeds packets or reusable canvas bags. Give out products made from natural and biodegradable materials, or donate to an environmental charity in lieu of favors.

Promote Conservation Through Education

Use your wedding day as an opportunity to spread the message about conservation and sustainability. Include informational cards about the green practices you are implementing and encourage your guests to reduce their environmental impact.

Planning a green destination wedding is an excellent way to incorporate sustainable practices into your special day. With these tips, you can design a beautiful and eco-friendly wedding celebration that will leave your guests with a lasting impression.

Selecting Sustainable Catering Options

When planning a destination wedding, it’s important to consider sustainable catering options. As one of the most costly elements of the wedding, the food can be a great place to invest in sustainability. Plus, in the age of the “conscious consumer,” many couples are looking for ways to make their weddings more eco-friendly. Here are some tips on how to select sustainable catering options and make your wedding a green affair.

Supporting Local Providers and Farmers

One way to ensure sustainability is to choose a local caterer or farm-to-table restaurant. This helps to reduce the environmental impact of your wedding by saving on the emissions created from shipping and transportation of the ingredients. Supporting local producers and growers is also an excellent way to celebrate the local ingredients and culture of your destination wedding.

Limiting Waste and Packaging

When selecting your caterer, be sure to inquire about their waste reduction practices. Are they using compostable or recyclable plates and utensils? Are they using reusable serving trays and dishes? Are they serving pre-portioned meals to help reduce food waste? Additionally, explore options for reducing packaging by opting for recyclable and compostable to-go containers or boxed lunches. These simple solutions can help to reduce your wedding’s impact on the environment.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Menus

Sustainable catering doesn’t stop at the plates, napkins, and packaging – it also includes the menu itself. A great way to ensure sustainability is to create a seasonal menu with locally-sourced, organic ingredients. You can also educate yourselves on the fish and seafood that is in season and the meats and produce that have sustainable farming methods. Additionally, consider going vegetarian with your menu, as plant-based diets require fewer resources and are better for the environment.

Partnering With Sustainable Vendors

Finally, it’s important to partner with vendors who prioritize sustainability. Ask your vendors if they have any green initiatives such as using recycled materials or using energy-efficient lighting. Additionally, ask if they are members of any sustainability-focused organizations such as the Green Restaurant Association or the National Restaurant Association. Partnering with vendors who prioritize sustainable practices is a great way to make your wedding more eco-friendly.

By taking the time to educate yourselves on sustainable catering and partnering with sustainable vendors, you can plan a green destination wedding that is both eco-friendly and beautiful.

Finding Eco-friendly Gifts for Guests

Nailing down a balanced and eco-friendly guest list is an important part of planning a green destination wedding, but you don’t want to stop there. Show your guests you care about the environment by providing sustainable favors. Not only are eco-friendly wedding favors earth-conscious, but they can also be fun and creative. You can express your dedication to the environment with a small gift for your guests that can be cherished for years to come.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

When it comes to eco-friendly wedding favors, the options are endless – from wildflower seeds in biodegradable packets to sustainable honey jars. Here are a few great options for eco-friendly wedding favors that your guests are sure to love:

Potted Plants

Bring some fragrant life to your guests’ lives with a small potted plant as a wedding favor. Choose a native species that can’t be bought at a commercial nursery and remind your guests to take care of the planet.


Candles make great eco-friendly wedding favors — they can last longer than traditional favors, and they are made from natural materials like soy wax, beeswax, and wood. Use candles as part of your wedding décor as well.

Reusable Straws

Say goodbye to single-use plastic straws and hello to reusable metal or bamboo straws. Not only are these straws eco-friendly, but they also make great party favors and are sure to bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

Customized Chocolates

If chocolate is a must at your reception, go the extra mile and find a green chocolate-maker who uses organic and fairly traded ingredients. Then, customize your favor boxes with personal messages to your guests.

Eco-Friendly Gift Bags

Pack up any of these sustainable favors in a recycled cotton bag or a handmade tote. These bags are great for keeping your favors organized and also make a great reminder of your eco-friendly wedding.

Get Creative with Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

As you plan your green destination wedding, don’t forget to include eco-friendly favors for your guests. Get creative and think about the ways you can give your guests a thoughtful, sustainable gift. Show your commitment to the environment with the perfect eco-friendly wedding favors.

Utilizing Low-Impact Transportation

For your destination wedding, you may need to consider how to transport your guests, the wedding party and any special items. Utilizing low-impact transportation is one of the best ways to plan a green destination wedding. Consider eco-friendly options to reduce your carbon footprint and keep your destination wedding green.

Ride Sharing

One of the most popular ways to reduce the environmental impact of transportation is by utilizing ride-sharing services. This includes services like Uber and Lyft, as well as shared carpools like BlaBlaCar. These services often have incentives for carpools, so encourage your guests to travel together to reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint.

Alternate Modes of Transportation

Airplanes are one of the most carbon-intensive forms of transportation. Where possible, opt for alternative modes of transportation such as rail and buses. These can be much more eco-friendly, as well as often much more cost-effective. Additionally, many train companies offer discounted fares for large groups, so look into this option before booking air travel.

Low-Emission Vehicles

If you’re hiring a car or a limousine for your wedding, consider opting for low-emission vehicles instead. These are becoming much more popular and more widely available, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Hybrid or electric vehicles are the best option, but keep in mind that they may come with an additional fee.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is another great way to reduce your wedding’s environmental impact. This is a great option for local travel, or if your wedding venue is located in a city center. Public transportation is generally much more affordable than taxis and private hire vehicles, and it’s also much more eco-friendly.

Green Driving

If you or any of your guests are planning on driving, make sure to follow some eco-friendly driving practices. This includes turning your engine off when stopped for more than 30 seconds, not over-revving or accelerating too quickly, and driving at the speed limit. Following these simple tips, you can make sure that your destination wedding is green all the way!

Using Local Florists and Suppliers

When it comes to green destination weddings, one of the best ways to plan an eco-friendly event is to look for local florists and other suppliers who use Earth-friendly practices. Reach out to local flower farms and ask about what methods they implement to help reduce their ecological footprints. Many florists are now offering services that use locally-sourced and organic flowers that haven’t been exposed to harsh chemicals, as well as arrangements composed of potted plants that can be transplanted, rather than cut flowers that will end up in a landfill eventually.

Choose Sustainable Decorations

For eco-minded destination weddings, decorations made of sustainable materials and practices are key. Consider using organic fabrics like hemp and bamboo for table linens, decorations and bridesmaids’ dresses. Consider using organic materials and flowers for bouquets and centerpieces, or recycled glass vases and jars. Reusable centerpieces like small potted plants or hanging terrariums are another great eco-friendly choice.

Prioritize Repurposing and Recycling

When planning a green destination wedding, it’s important to prioritize repurposing and recycling over wasteful practices. Seek out decorations, table settings, and small items like place cards and welcome bags that you can reuse or repurpose. Ask your florist about compostable flower arrangements, and make sure that any event furniture and decorative elements are sourced from eco-friendly vendors or recycled from other events.

Find Local Sources for Food and Beverages

It’s also important to try and find local sources for the food and beverages you will be serving at your green destination wedding. Look for farmers markets, caterers and specialty stores that offer locally-sourced, organic and sustainable food and drinks. Consider using reusable dishes, glassware and utensils instead of single-use items that will just end up in the landfill.

Successfully Executing a Sustainable Special Day

Planning a green destination wedding is a great way to enjoy the day and make a positive impact on the environment. When selecting a venue, consider one that uses energy-efficient appliances, recycled materials, and low-impact technology. Opt for a biodegradable or reusable decorations such as potted plants or garlands, and shop for a dress made from sustainable fabrics. For invitations, send digital invitations or use postcards or stationary made from recycled paper. Choose local food and drinks, reduce waste by using compostable or reusable items, and consider composting or donating leftover food. Finally, encourage guests to use public transit or carpool if they are attending from afar. With these tips, couples can plan an unforgettable green destination wedding that is meaningful and sustainable.

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